INTERNISA in Palestine opened an offline spot for digital skills in Hebron


ActionAid Palestine (AAP) - the Palestinian partner of INTERNISA Project - opened a digital offline spot for women in the old city of Hebron in partnership with the Hebron Chamber of Commerce and Industry (HCCI) on 17/07/2023. The opening ceremony was attended by members and staff members of the board of HCCI, a number of AAP’s staff members and a representative of the Ministry of National Economy. The opening of this offline spot is a part of the activities of the INTERNISA project.

The offline spot which is a space equipped with digital tools and equipment in HCCI aims to engage women, businesses, and public stakeholders in its activities to facilitate their access to equipment and information. Both women and business people will be able to use the equipment to acquire knowledge about existing technologies and learn how to search and gather information. Participants in the offline spot will be able to draft their resume (CV), learn how to use job platforms, and search for a job or post job offers. 

The offline spots will operate, in this case, as the space connecting beneficiaries to the digital world which is growing at an accelerating pace. Participants will benefit from the offline spot by enabling the practice and development of personal skills through interpersonal interaction. Participants in the offline spot will also be able to receive training on digital tools and apps that will help further improve their access to information regarding employment in the sectors of their interest. In addition, it will match demand and supply in the labour market. People lacking internet services or having low internet skills can visit the offline spot to gather information, acquire skills, receive training on professional guidance and interact with their peers searching for job opportunities. This offline spot is opened at HCCI Headquarters in Hebron Governorate (Hebron - Ibn Rushd Circle - Khaled Bin Al Waleed Street), and it will be opened on a daily basis for the beneficiaries from Sunday through Thursday and opening hours will be from 10 am to 2 pm. It is worth noting that the first offline spot is already opened in Bethlehem since mid-February 2023.