INTERNISA job fair in Spain addresses employment situation in the Andalusian agri-food an tourism sector


The Federacion Andaluza de Municipios Provincia (FAMP), the Spanish partner of INTERNISA, has organized a job fair for the local community, business representatives, business owners and freelancers from the targeted sectors of INTENISA project (agriculture, tourism, economy, and textile).

The municipality of Castilleja de la Cuesta has held this job fair, which lasted for two days and brought INTERNISA project closer and in touch with the companies, women and men entrepreneurs, the public sector and civil society, and women seeking employment. More than 20 companies have participated in the fair, marketing and disseminating themselves in the exhibition stands, this was done by holding quick presentations, with audiovisual support, to promote networking between companies, inspire other people to start a business, and enrich the commercial relations of companies in the rural area.

This event took place on 23 and 24th November 2022, bringing together companies from rural areas, and was a platform for the INTERNISA project, which FAMP has been carrying out for two years in Andalusia.

It is worth to mention that the fair also included spaces for discussion and analysis in the form of round tables, addressing employment status in the agri-food and tourism sectors, and also discussing the new opportunities of digitization, and how this contributes to more sustainable development.