INTERNISA in Greece held the second digital skills training for women in Thessaloniki


The Region of Central Macedonia, lead beneficiary of |INTERNISA ,held its second seminar on digital training from 11-15 July 2022.

The 3rd round of seminars was held in the premises of the Region of Central Macedonia in Thessaloniki, Greece (with the physical presence of the participants) and was addressed to women. The participants strengthened their digital skills through an innovative educational training course increasing their capabilities to find a job in the digital sector. In addition to knowledge, skills and digital self-confidence, they were provided with full access to the digital job-finding and networking INTERNISA platform, and they will have the possibility to participate in significant digital events & job fairs that will be organized by the Region of Central Macedonia, in the framework of the project.

In the 3rd round of seminars, the Vice President for Digital Policy at the Region of Central Macedonia, Mr Angelos Charisteas, referred extensively to the “Smart Cities” concept, where traditional networks and services are more efficient with the use of digital solutions to the benefit of citizens and their businesses. Mr Charisteas talked about the purpose of the INTERNISA project, which is none other than to bring together people from different sectors to bridge the existing digital gap and reduce unemployment.