STAND Up!: Call for tenders for the development of a 100% vegetal leather sample in Spain



In the frame of the STAND Up! activities and goals, Spanish partner TEXFOR, the Textile Industry Confederation launches a call for tenders to find a supplier in Spain to carry out the laboratory development (research, development and validation) of a sample of new vegetable skin bioproducts obtained from grape wastes.

The specific objectives of the activity are the following:

• To identify the components of vegetable skin formulations compatible with grape residues and environmentally friendly.

• To carry out concept tests.

Requested results to be achieved by the contractor will be vegetable skin formulations, component selection report and proof-of-concept testing results as well as the preliminary formulations of vegetable skin obtained from grape waste.

The planned duration for the implementation of the requested service is 4 months (October 2022 - January 2023) with a maximum budget available of 20.000 euros (VAT Included)

Potential applicants to the call are companies (start-ups, micro, small and medium enterprises) and Business Representative Organizations from the textile and clothing sector of the STAND Up! involved countries (Spain, Italy, Tunisia, Egypt, and Lebanon).

The deadline for receipt of tenders is the 3rd October 2022. Tenders must be submitted in English exclusively to the Contracting Authority, using the means specified in point 7 of the Instruction to Tenderers. Terms of Reference and all necessary documentation are available at the links below

STAND Up! is an EU-funded project under the ENI CBC Med which intends to support textile entrepreneurs and eco-innovative ventures in the Mediterranean and help them seize business opportunities that the green evolution will generate.  Find all the necessary documents below for more information.

Contract Notice | Instructions to Tenderers | ANNEX 2 Terms of Reference | Submission Form | Statetement of exclusivity | Legal Entity Document