INTERNISA in Palestine promotes digital skills´ training for women at the ministry of national economy


ActionAid Palestine (AAP), Palestinian partner of INTERNISA, held an expanded meeting with the representatives of the Palestinian ministry of the national economy on 22 September 2021, its gender unit and the directorate of the national economy and the committee of the Business incubator in the governorate of Hebron. This meeting aimed to strengthen the means of cooperation, introducing participants in the meeting to the project of INTERNISA, formulating joint work mechanisms with them and briefing them about projects AAP implements in the field of economic empowerment of young people especially young women.

The meeting focused on the role INTERNISA has in bridging the gender digital gap and providing women with marketable digital skills and qualified skilled labour according to the needs of the labour market. The project will increase the efficiency and relevance of education and professional training to the labour market by combining digital skills with professional development in the Agri-food, textile, tourism, and financial sectors.

The participants in the meeting discussed the current economic policies and communication mechanisms with women and the role of gender units in promoting women's projects through the presentation of gender units in the ministry of national economy addressing its role in all development projects funded by different donors.

The participants in the meeting recommended that it would be important to enhance close cooperation to achieve the objectives INTERNISA through projects and especially during the phase of training targeting women and business women. That training is aimed at enhancing the digital skills of targeted women and sectors through the INTERNISA project.