CLUSTER and HELIOS together in a Capitalisation Workshop to foster social inclusion of youth and women

On 1 July 2022, CLUSTER, represented by ARCES Association, attended the Capitalisation Workshop organised by the HELIOS project to enhance social inclusion of unemployed youth and women, through the capitalisation of the best practices developed during HELIOS project implementation.

The event was held in Mazara del Vallo, Sicily, and hosted regional policymakers and TVETs based in the region, allowing a dialogue between these stakeholders with the goal of fostering new employment policies inclusive of the real needs of unemployed young people.

During the Workshop, a roundtable was scheduled for social inclusion projects such as CLUSTER, GREENLAND and MYSEA in order to encourage the exchange of innovative methodologies and lessons learned.


In particular, HELIOS, represented by Mr. Hatem Sultan, Project Manager of University College of Applied Sciences in Palestine, presented the e-learning platform and its most innovative features that can be capitalised also in CLUSTER to support the training activities.



Through the synergies developed, the participants in CLUSTER training courses will benefit from HELIOS best practices and the adapted and improved innovative e-platform capable of making the training experience more engaging.

Click here to watch the video recording of the Workshop.

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