STAND Up!: Ten young entrepreneurs in the textile industry selected to have access to finance in Spain


Ten young entrepreneurs in the textile and fashion industry, aged under 35, have been selected by STAND Up! to join the access to finance in Spain. In the framework of the Access To Finance call closed on the 29th of March Texfor, which is the Spanish partner, has selected 10 start-ups to be offered the chance to develop their financial literacy skills, acquire knowledge on how to raise funds and have the chance to meet local and regional investors to secure funding opportunities.

From sustainable brands revolutionising the slow fashion concept to a 100% vegan clothing brand to produce moto suits free of toxic chemicals, the selected entrepreneurs will participate in a 10-days-long training coordinated by high-profile professionals, which will focus on building the financial projections of their start-ups, understanding readiness, trends and opportunities in the investment landscape.

This new phase within the project will be followed by two pitching events, organised to first provide technical feedback on what has been learned and how to manage investments to entrepreneurs, and then receive local and regional exposure with potential investors.


Meet the 10 start-ups selected in Spain for the access to finance

BeKarme: created by Karme Martínez, it will offer on its website collections, unique designs and accessories produced by the remains of clothes and textiles. Being a zero-waste initiative, it offers a personalized textile transformation service providing social value and applying circular economy patterns.

Hemper Handmade: a sustainable fashion brand that contributes to the slow fashion revolution. The female entrepreneur Gloria Gubianes combines the tradition of handmade Nepalese hemp manufacturing with modern designs creating socially and environmentally fair products. This project aims at benchmarking fashion brands in Europe and revolutionizing how we understand the industry.

Deleitewear: a Mediterranean circular fashion project, with social impact, led by a team of intergenerational women. It saves textile waste with a scalable upcycling methodology that is more sustainable and economical than recycling. Deleitewear designs unique pieces that minimize your ecological footprint.

Bäloop: a start-up revalorizing post-consumer textile and medical waste in Spain. Leaded by six women entrepreneurs, this start-up creates a 100% recycled material offering a sustainable alternative to virgin plastic. At the end of its life cycle, waste is managed and reintroduced into the value chain guaranteeing the circularity of the process.

Minimalist training: it aims to become an ecosystem of different products, starting with premium garment that every practitioner should have for trainings. Pieces will be high-performance, eco-designed, versatile, elegant and minimalist. Each line of products will be made with a sustainable mono-material adapted to the garment function.

Andromeda Moto: a 100% vegan motorcycle brand. It drastically reduces the use of water leaving a low carbon footprint during the production and life cycle. Phalates are not used and the fabrics are produced in standardized factories with sustainable agreements. It also implies that leaks of chemical substances into water will be avoided.

IAIOS: it creates highly-durable sweaters made with recycled yarn in small local workshops. The yarn is 100% recycled using a zero-waste process and avoiding dyeing processes, highly polluting for water. Their system also saves 99% of water consumption. Once the piece of clothes reaches the end of its useful life, customers can send the sweater back to make sure it is recycled again.

Swimotex: it manufactures a slow fashion clothing collection. Its mission is to create quality products with a deep respect for the planet with all production, suppliers and equipment being local.

Júlia G. Escribà: is a sustainable designer clothing brand from Barcelona that incorporates thermoregulatory technology developed for NASA. They are pieces of clothing used with cotton, linen and cupro, avoiding polymeric fibers and polluting plastics for the planet.

Slowbasic: a sustainable clothing and accessories for conscious people. This start-up is committed to an ecological transition through the dissemination of a simple, sustainable and conscious lifestyle. Their products are handmade in Galicia with natural and organic fabrics, with natural or recycled materials that contain sustainable certificate seals.