INTERNISA in Lebanon trained 55 women in digital and soft skills


Following the identification of the digital skills gap of Lebanese young women across key economic sectors, and based on the related developed training curricula, the Chamber of Beirut and Mount Lebanon, a key partner in the EU funded project INTERNISA, organized a multi-modular training program over two weeks dedicated to young Lebanese women from diverse cultural and geographical areas. 55 young Lebanese women took part in this online training program from Oct.4th till 19th 2021. In spite of the unprecedented economic collapse and ascending youth unemployment rate in Lebanon, this initiative aiming to enhance social inclusion and fight against poverty represents a real opportunity for Lebanese youth to upskill their abilities and competencies to integrate the labor market and keep them believing in a better future.    

INTERNIA training program targeting Lebanese women took place over two consecutive sessions (basic and intermediate/advanced levels) of 5 days each. Topics tackled mainly: communication and team building within a business environment; how to recognize communication process in a digital environment; design of digital publications; introduction to digital research tools such as surveys; challenges and barriers to effective communication; practical activities related to motivation, personal growth & time management along with emotional intelligence. Female trainees also learned what are the best templates used in marketing content on social media & e-commerce which are currently essential pillars in the world of digital work. The digital transformation process and how to identify the components of digital transformation were also present in the program. Trainees obtained INTERNISA Certificates signed by the Chamber of Beirut after completion of the program.