MedSNAIL soutient en Espagne les communautés locales dans la promotion de leurs produits traditionnels méditerranéens


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The Andalusian Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FAMP), lead beneficiary of MedSNAIL, resumes its presential activities in the Valle de Andarax, the selected pilot area of the project in Andalusia. After a long period devoted to desk research and diagnosis tasks, they finally release an agro-biodiversity study which identifies weaknesses and strengths of the agro-food ecosystems in the area, thus providing an up-to-date portrait. Moreover, it highlights  the selection of a number of products likely to be promoted following MedSNAIL approach based on Slow food concepts, in line with a sustainable and cohesive territorial development.  This agro-biodiversity study is also being developed by the rest of MedSNAIL partners , who work in selected areas of Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Tunisia, Malta and Italy.

On 6thApril, FAMP will meet the local community in Laujar de Andarax in the province of Almeria, to share the results of the agro-biodiversity study, and work  together to build up a strategy for the optimization and dynamization of local food ecosystems and agrifood value chains, increasing competitive advantages to each link of this chain through collaboration of all the agents (producers, processors, marketers, food service companies, associations, and local leaders).

MedSNAIL approach also involves the identification of local agents who will support technical teams to test MedSNAIL methodology by carrying out pilot projects focusing on the selected products. A MedSNAIL Geodatabase and Open Line Platform will be created for this purpose. This Platform will give free access to a map of smallholders farm producers, products, rural communities, agro-business, other food chain actors and rural tourism actors, to be used all along the project’s life and beyond the project’s conclusion.

For both FAMP and the rest of the partners, working with local communities is very important, as it is a way to build capacities and empower local leaders to become protagonists in the process of optimising and dynamizing local food ecosystems, as a way to ensure high economic and social sustainability, through the valorisation of their own agriculture and gastronomical heritage.

This meeting will fire the starting gun of the development of the project in the pilot area, Valle de Andarax, by means of a building capacity session addressed to the identification of local leaders who will take the MedSNAIL approach to their communities and will start with  pilot projects for the implementation of the agro-food value chain and the creation of business service hubs, which will provide local SMEs with tailored consultancy and training.

The project has a total budget of 2.028.807,74€ and is funded by the EU under the ENI CBC Med Programme by 90% (1.825.926,97 €), it has a three-year duration and aims to foster socially and environmentally sustainable development of agro-food SMEs by valorizing traditional Euro-Mediterranean products according to a “slow” approach and short-chain principles

For further information please contact:Mrs. Teresa Muela,Project Coordinator

      , tel +0034954659756