MedSNAIL in Lebanon teaches us how to cook this tasty plant

The MEDSNAIL project's goal is to protect and promote local agri-food products that are strongly linked to the territories and their respective communities in order to preserve agrobiodiversity, empower local farmers and promote more sustainable rural development. For this reason, the Lebanese partner American University of Beirut has identified this product, in order to raise awareness of its quality and benefits and rekindle public interest in it, while supporting small local producers.

The American University of Beirut presents the following product in the frame of the "Heritage Guardians" campaign: the Akkoub: its scientific name is Gundelia tourefortii. Akkoub is an edible wild plant native from the Levant. It grows on limestone, igneous rock, in open oak or pine woodlands, and in barley and in corn fields. It is high in antioxidants and has several pharmacological benefits. It is eaten in stews, salads, added to omelets and meatloafs (kebbeh), and even pickled.