Jordanie : le projet INTERNISA a organisé des groupes de discussion pour identifier les lacunes en matière de compétences numériques chez les femmes


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Al-Balqa Applied University (BAU), the Jordanian partner of INTERNISA has organized six discussion groups during May and June 2021.

To obtain information from local and targeted women´s community in Balqa governorate in Jordan, six focus groups have been purposively selected and conducted, three focus group discussions for women aged between 19-35 years old and three FGDs for women aged from 35 years old and above.


According to focus group´s participants, the skills needed for women's integration into the labour market are numerous; however, the most important are crafting, digital and marketing, communication, packaging and job traineeships l/technical skills. Most of the participants mentioned that they need to improve in the above-mentioned skills.

Through the discussion about the acquirement of those skills, answers are mainly directed towards individual initiative through training and practical experience and some through training provided to us by different institutions and organizations. The focus group participants prefer on job training (face to face) more than online. The majority are aware of the basic digital skills and soft skills.