HELIOS participera au séminaire «Bonnes pratiques et réalisations de première année» axé sur l'inclusion sociale en Méditerranée, organisé par le projet MoreThanAJob


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On the 16th February 2021, HELIOS will be one of the twelve Social Inclusion projects funded by the European Union through the ENI CBC MED Programme that will take part to the Seminar “Good Practices and First Year Achievements”. 

The aim of the event, organized by the MoreThanAJob project, is to share good practices and main achievements of the ENI CBC Med projects, in order to strengthen the Social inclusion in the Mediterranean area.

The following projects will attend the event: MoreThanAJobHELIOSInnovAgroWoMedMedTOWNRESMYLE, TEC-MED, GREENLANDINTERNISAMYSEASIRCLES, Skills4Sports, and YEP MED

Be one of us! Click here to read more about the MoreThanAJob seminar!

Unity is strength, #GOMED!


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