DECOST: l'Université jordanienne des sciences et technologies recherche un expert en droits de propriété intellectuelle

Contenu disponible uniquement en anglais.

The Jordan University of Science and Technology
, partner of the DECOST project, is looking for an expert in Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).

The following requirements should be met by the candidates:

  • Previous experience in developing IPR for EU and/or internationally funded projects
  • Knowledge of the EU funded projects and regulations
  • University degree from a known university with excellent command of the Arabic and English languages
  • Experience in registering IPR inside or outside Jordan
  • Evidence of working on providing services on IPR issues

You can find more details here and here! (information available in Arabic and English)

Deadline for receiving offers is 02/09/2020.

For more information about the DECOST project, please visit its WebpageInstagram and Twitter.