First job coaching session for YEP MED Lebanese trainees graduates


In the framework of YEP MED project, 9 Lebanese graduates’ trainees who have completed YEP MED training program have participated today - the 21st of June 2023 - in their first coaching session organised by the Chamber of Commerce of Beirut and Mount Lebanon. This session is part of the initiative to help these trainees access the job market within the objective to provide guidance, tools, and support.

The coaching session was animated by a YEP MED expert in the area of career planning and job market readiness. The workshop provided practical information and guidance on various aspects of job seeking. And covered mainly:

How to Build a Resume: The trainees were given advice on how to create an effective resume. This likely included tips on structuring their resumes, the kind of information to include, how to present this information in a clear and compelling manner, and advice on customising resumes for different job applications.

Platforms to Apply Through: The session also provided information about the various platforms that can be used to apply for jobs. This could include job search websites, company websites, professional networking sites like LinkedIn for port logistics sector job portals. The trainees were guided on how to use these platforms effectively to find and apply for jobs.

Interview Tips: The trainees were given tips and advice on how to perform well in job interviews. This include advice on how to prepare for an interview, common interview questions and how to answer them, as well as tips on how to present themselves professionally during an interview.

Role Play Simulations: As part of the workshop, the trainees participated in role-play simulations to practice and enhance their job interview skills. These simulations allow trainees to experience an interview scenario, respond to questions, and receive feedback on their performance. This helps them to learn and improve in a supportive and safe environment before they face actual job interviews.

This coaching session, therefore, is part of a broader effort to enhance the employability of young people in the Mediterranean region, in line with the objectives of the YEP MED Project. By focusing on practical skills and knowledge, the project aims to better prepare these trainees for the job market and improve their chances of finding suitable and rewarding employment.

This initial workshop marks just the beginning of a series of planned coaching sessions. These sessions will take place on a regular basis and are designed to cover all the graduates of the YEP MED Project from Lebanon. The goal is to ensure that every graduate has access to the resources and support they need to successfully enter the job market.