“Every drop of water on earth should be valorized”: great way to celebrate the World Water Day 2022 in Tunisia for NAWAMED!


The Centre for Water Research and Technologies - CERTE, Tunisian partner of NAWAMED project, celebrated the World Water Day in Tunisia with professionals and stakeholders in the field of water within the framework of WATEREXPO co-organized by CERTE on 16 and 17 March 2022, Tunis (watch the video here).

The CERTE team presented the NAWAMED project to the participants and took part in all the debates (program available here) and especially in the discussion panel on the most adapted governance model for Tunisia, which would integrate the Non-Conventional Water (NCW) as a resource.

In this context of climate change and aridity, there is only “one water" and from this principle it is necessary to set up governance that allows the closure of the water cycle with a holistic vision allowing the interactions with the different sectors

The debate continued at the CERTE stand around the poster of NAWAMED and other projects of similar themes (watch the video here).

On the side-line of this event, an awareness campaign programmed within the framework of the NAWAMED project was organized with sensitization of the visitors of the exhibition on the value of water and the importance of its saving and recycling. 

On the occasion of Water World Day, I wish that every living being on earth has access to drinking water, in terms of quantity and quality

Water saving equipment were distributed and the participants were invited to share their wishes on the occasion of the World Water Day (watch the videos here).

Every drop of water on earth should be valorized: consumed, treated and then reused in the same area of activity, which illustrates the water cycle since the quantity of water on earth is constant

Today, we have no other choice than to find solutions based on nature to treat wastewater and to valorize non-conventional water

Great way for the NAWAMED project to celebrate the World Water Day with the professionals during two days and to strengthen the community around the project to support the valorisation of NCW in urban environment. 

Have a good celebration day and see you next year!