ENSERES final event in Tunis to celebrate sustainable solutions with cities and protected areas

Farah Mejri

Collaboration between the different societal sectors living along the Mediterranean coast is key to achieve an effective management and protection of the shared natural resources and ecosystem services that the sea and land offer to us.

More than 50 participants are expected to attend the social event in Tunis on 18 October, followed by a one-day conference and panel debate on 19 October 2023 on the added value of collaboration and cooperation between cities and natural area communities, so that environmentally-friendly practices and tools can be adopted by society at large.

ENSERES project partners, subgrantees, collaborators and institutional stakeholders at EU and Mediterranean level will be able to highlight the lessons learned in tackling marine pollution, raising awareness about the values of biodiversity, fostering knowledge exchanges among different sectors and population groups, promoting eco-tourism and forging new partnerships to implement effective collaborative action plans to face global common challenges.

The registration to the final event is now open! Sign up and learn about ENSERES achievements and the way ahead beyond the project.