ENI CBC MED's Joint Technical Secretariat visited SOLE's pilot site in Jordan


The Joint Technical Secretariat (JTS), one of ENI CBC MED Programme's bodies responsible for supporting beneficiaries and partners throughout the funded projects' implementation and for processing technical and financial information received by projects, visited the Iskan Faiha primary school in Madaba, Jordan, on Oct.28th 2022 to check out the energy rehabilitation works performed by SOLE's partner Royal Scientific Society of Jordan (RSS).

Mr. Fadi Karam from JTS was warmly welcomed by the RSS and the Iskan Faiha primary school's staff, students and families. They all expressed their appreciation to the SOLE project for making a difference in their everyday life. Mr. Fadi Karam was also given a tour of the school, with an explanation of the kind of energy rehabilitation works which were carried out and the impact they had on the building.

The intervention carried out by RSS in Jordan is highly regarded by the SOLE partnership, since implementing such works in the current situation is very difficult: the energy upgrading of buildings is indeed heavily influenced by shortages of construction materials, rising energy and fuel prices, logistic and shipping issues, especially when raw materials are imported from abroad, as described in our previous feature.

RSS managed to correctly carry out all works in a very short gap of time, giving a invaluable contribution to the SOLE activities' implementation.