Egypt: MAIA-TAQA to be featured among 8 other ENI CBC MED projects at Techne Summit - Alexandria 2021


The Confederation of Egyptian European Business Associations (CEEBA) in collaboration with the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce will be hosting an exhibition at this year’s Techne Summit Alexandria, in its 7th edition, from the 2nd to the 4th of October at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina.

The exhibition will feature 9 EU-funded, ENI CBC MED, cross-border projects, from at least 5 different industries, which are currently being implemented in Egypt.

Techne Summit, the largest investment and entrepreneurship conference in the Mediterranean, in its hybrid edition, will offer exceptional opportunities for individuals and businesses from 9 different industries where they get the chance to expand their networks with more than 15.000 attendees, engage and gain experience from more than 200 speakers from around the world as well as take part at the ‘Corporate & Start-Up Exhibition’ organized by Techne.

Our team at the ENI CBC MED booth will feature and offer all needed information and participation details of the MAIA-TAQA EU-funded project.

We invite you to visit our booth ‘EU ENI CBC Med Programme Projects” at Techne Summit 2021 and learn how you can benefit from the project for your business idea, project or company.

For tickets and more information about Techne Summit 2021 please visit: Techne Summit