MEDWAYCAP Memorandum of Understanding

Project acronym:
Project title:
The MEDiterranean pathWAY for innovation CAPitalisation toward an urban-rural integrated development of non-conventional water resources
4.1 Water efficiency
Title of deliverable:
MEDWAYCAP Memorandum of Understanding
An alliance for a long-term capitalisation strategy at Mediterranean level to improve non-conventional water supply, management and reuse, formalised through a Memorandum of Understanding signed by the project partners and associated partners, as part of a broader capitalisation strategy. The parties to the Memorandum agreed to develop and implement an advocacy strategy and to set measurable milestones to assess the relevance of their joint initiative to the main outcomes sought.
Keep Keywords:
Green technologies ; Innovation capacity and awareness-raising ; Institutional cooperation and cooperation networks ; Knowledge and technology transfer ; New products and services ; Sustainable management of natural resources ; Urban development ; Water management