MEDWAYCAP Innovation camp guideline

Project acronym:
Project title:
The MEDiterranean pathWAY for innovation CAPitalisation toward an urban-rural integrated development of non-conventional water resources
4.1 Water efficiency
Title of deliverable:
MEDWAYCAP Innovation camp guideline
This document provides clear guidelines for developing the goal-oriented MEDWAYCAP Innovation Camps and future sustainable multilevel meetings. It supports the MEDWAYCAP experts in the
identification of thematic challenges, challenge owners and the related stakeholders by capitalizing the
best existing methodology for innovative and creative participatory approaches.
The guidelines describe how the MEDWAYCAP Innovation Camps integrate design thinking
principles in the project to address its general and specific objectives of defining a Mediterranean pathway
for Innovation Capitalisation toward an urban-rural integrated development of Non-Conventional Water
Keep Keywords:
Climate change and biodiversity ; Green technologies ; Innovation capacity and awareness-raising ; Institutional cooperation and cooperation networks ; Knowledge and technology transfer ; Sustainable management of natural resources ; Water management