MedTOWN Pilot projects on co-production initiatives

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Co-producing social policies with SSE actors to fight poverty, inequality and social exclusion
3.2 Social and solidarity economy
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MedTOWN Pilot projects on co-production initiatives
In total, 10 pilot projects in co-production initiatives in collaboration with public authorities and SSE entities have been funded through subgranting. As a result, over 800 individuals benefitted directly from the pilots project’s implementation. This process also led to the creation of 14 new jobs and the strengthening of 18 social enterprises. These pilot projects represent a significant milestone in the project, demonstrating the commitment to tangible, impactful action of local multilateral stakeholder partnerships.
Pilot plants/equipment/infrastructures
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Agriculture and fisheries and forestry ; Climate change and biodiversity ; Community integration and common identity ; Education and training ; Health and social services ; Innovation capacity and awareness-raising ; Knowledge and technology transfer ; Labour market and employment ; New products and services ; SME and entrepreneurship ; Social inclusion and equal opportunities