DECOST: Schools in Anabta, Palestine, will introduce content about composting in their educational plans

Tahseen Sayara

The team involved in the implementation of the DECOST pilot activity in Palestine, which is formed by the Kadoorie University, project partner, and the Anabta Municipality, organized a meeting with the directorate of education of the region of Tulkarem. This meeting was the starting point for the future activities that will organize new spreading awareness activities among students in local schools, in order to deliver the project idea to families.

They expect to introduce new contents to their educational plans, to give lessons to students about the environmental situation in Palestine, its effects on people, agriculture, and weather. They expect to arrange with teachers to have weekly broadcast about composting and environmental issues, to install home composters in each school and to start trials in composting. This has to be a relevant way to understand the idea of the new system, to be then transferred to their families.

After those activities, students shall start planning for their own environmental projects, to be submitted in a competition between schools.