DECOST: Pilot users in Basilicata, Italy receive more training about composting

Giuseppina Mazzone

The Italian partners of the DECOST project, responsible for implementing the pilot on community composting in Basilicata, have organised another major event to disseminate the advantages of composting as the main method of municipal organic waste management. 

In an event organised last 17th of Novembre in Potenza, researchers from the University of Basilicata, Politecnica delle Marche University and members of EGRIB, the public administration of Basilicata region for government of urban waste and water resources, were giving a technical and practical presentation of the system that the city is adopting thanks to the DECOST project.

The event was mainly focused in share information with the users of the pilots. It was a good opportunity to disseminate the concept of community composting and its benefits for small towns or residential neighbourhoods in cities. The attendants also received information about the composting process, and the parameters that have the major influence on the quality of the compost.