DECOST participates in the “Spring Tulkarm Carnival & Exhibition” at Palestine Technical University-Kadoorie

Tahseen Sayara

The DECOST project team from the Palestine Technical University-Kadoorie (PTUK) had participated in the “Spring Tulkarm Carnival” 2022, with the attendance of representatives from the Tulkarem Governance and the Chamber of Commerce of Tulkarem, both attending the event with a high level delegation.

The event was a good occasion to present the most relevant innovative projects in which the palestinian universities are participating. An example of a DECOST composting unit used in the DECOST pilot in Palestine was one of the elements that attracted most the attention from the visitors. The composting unit gave the opportunity to the PTUK researchers to explain the method of work and the environmental and economical benefits of using composting in organic waste management systems in Palestine. Audience from different governmental and non-governmental sectors were interested to learn about the design and method of application of the system that is being tested in some towns.