Deadline extended: Call for tenders related to NEX-LABS Commercialization Prize in Jordan

Image courtesy Ann H via Pexels

Call for experts to provide consultancy services for the implementation of the Commercialization Prize in Jordan under the NEX-LABS Project.

The objective of the service provider is to:

  • Provide 2 selected WEF-NEXUS researchers/academics with access to external expertise/mentorship/services in support of spinoff creation.
  • Conduct Needs assessment of technological and industrial viability, technological developments of processes, products and services. Recruit technical experts based on the assessment to provide advisory services.
  • As a proof of service completion, the service provider should develop with the beneficiary a narrative report including summary of testing activities conducted, beneficiary’s interpretation of results, the anticipated impact both qualitatively and quantitatively and an activity assessment, including how was the visibility of NEX-LABS contribution ensured.

How to apply

You will be kindly requested to submit your offer not later than 06/09/2023 from the tender announcement as the following:

  • Technical Offer shall be placed inside a sealed envelope clearly marked “Technical Offer”, and similarly for the Financial Offer, then placed into one outer envelope.
  • This outer envelope shall be properly addressed and bear the name of the assignment, the bidder’s name and the address.
  • Tenders submitted by any other means will not be considered.
  • Tenders received after the deadline will be automatically excluded from further evaluation.
  • Submission address:

Procurement Department - Royal Scientific Society

Ahmad Al Tarawneh St, Al Jubaiha, Amman

Application deadline: 06/09/2023 - NEW DEADLINE

Download the Terms of Reference

For further information please contact: