CROSSDEV: Ramadan 2021 awareness campaign


Within the framework of CROSSDEV, project partner JREDS (The Royal Marine Conservation Society) is organising a social media awareness campaign to promote the beauty of Aqaba (South Jordan) with its archeological sites and experiences.

As this year’s upcoming Ramadan will be as atypical as it has been in a generation, JREDS decided to adapt their ever-popular 30 Days of Delight competition to the scopes of the CROSSDEV project. Aimed at increasing the attractiveness of the sites around Aqaba, JREDS’ online Ramadan competition will take place from 13 April 2021 to 13 May 2021.

The online competition will target students, either from schools or universities, with the objective to increase knowledge and awareness of less known destinations and experiences offered by Aqaba city. Locals and students from all around the world, as well as any other young-at-heart and curious social-media surfer, are invited to take part!

How it works

  • Make sure to follow our social media accounts: JREDS Facebook, JREDS Instagram, CROSSDEV Twitter and CROSSDEV Instagram.
  • Every morning, a video or photo with a quiz will be posted on all our social platforms.
  • Place your answer via comments/replies and…
  • …in the evening, after “Iftar” at 8:30 pm, make sure to be ready to find the answer in the next post!
  • The competition will be held in Arabic!

Winners, who will be selected through electronic drawing among all right answers from Jordan-based students, will be announced at the end of the competition.

To find out if you are the winner, follow our socials and keep up with our feed!

Little prizes will be available for winning students, but people from all over the world can enjoy the quiz and get to know Aqaba and its precious less-known gems!

Best of luck!


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