CRE@CTIVE in Spain launches the first of six seminars for the traditional sectors of textile, leather, and footwear


Six Engagement seminars will be held in the six target nations of the project to promote and illustrate the creative labs, based on the results of the technical studies conducted by the CRE@CTIVE project team.


Now, what are the Creative labs exactly?

They are spaces for creative people, academia, MSMEs, local and regional entities, and people from all parts of the supply chain to have the chance to explore and create innovative ways to develop the traditional sectors of textile, leather, and footwear.


And since learning by doing is one of the best methods to use, the labs will be full of hands-on workshops, training, shows, and more as each lab will be tailored to each country's needs. Participants will have the opportunity to submit their ideas, with the top 16 receiving a sub-grant of € 12,000 each, which will be turned into the CRE@CTIVE labs' 16 pilot plants.


AITEX, the project's lead beneficiary, will be the first to launch the engagement seminars in Spain, which aim at promoting and attracting people from all parts of the supply chain to participate in the labs.


Check out AITEX's engagement seminars schedule through the following link: Monday AITEX Webinars 2021


Stay tuned for more details on the launch of the engagement seminars and the creative labs in each of the participating Mediterranean countries!