CRE@CTIVE: promoting creativity and innovation in the traditional sectors in the MED area, now with a new style!


You might have noticed from our recent posts and the new project picture -  CRE@CTIVE now has its very own brand identity!


After many creative weeks by the designers of The Most Company (TMC), in collaboration with all the partners, CRE@CTIVE finally launches its very own Brand Identity.


CRE@CTIVE - Innovation for bringing creativity to activate traditional sectors in the MED Area - implemented in six partner countries: Spain, Italy, Tunisia, Palestine, Egypt, and Jordan under the ENI CBC MED Program, intends to incorporate innovation as an integral aspect into the sectors. CRE@CTIVE shines light and develops the unexplored potential of the cross-border cooperation between the two sides of the Mediterranean in our ever-changing textile, footwear and leather industries.


True to its roots, with the heart of the Mediterranean at its core, CRE@CTIVE combines creative innovation, business alliances and economic growth in its new brand identity.


With many great things yet to come - creative labs, subgrants, cross-border governance model - we are sure to establish CRE@CTIVE as a beacon of innovation and growth in the traditional sectors of the Mediterranean.


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