CRE@CTIVE in Italy is on the hunt for creative people: ARCA Consortium scouts for innovative business ideas!


CRE@CTIVE's Italian partner, the ARCA Consortium, held the first physical presentation event on CRE@CTIVE's Call for Subgrants in Palermo, Italy, on the 13th of January. Many creatives from different sectors attended the presentation (leather and leather craftsmen, industrial design students, startups dealing with sustainable clothing, interior designers, etc.), who are interested in learning more about the opportunities presented and boosting their business ideas in the manufacturing sector through creativity and technology.


The ARCA Consortium, a partner in the CRE@CTIVE project, is looking for stories and projects of innovative manufacturers and creative enterprises in the fields of fashion, textiles, and design that require assistance and are committed to generating value in the Mediterranean's traditional sectors.


The call for proposals is a chance for those who want to bring change, new technologies, and transformation to the traditional textile, clothing, footwear, and leather sectors. Following the seminar, which was held at CRE.ZI. PLUS - Cantieri Culturali alla Zisa in Palermo, interested applicants will have more opportunities to learn more about the call and the CRE@CTIVE project's community.


On Tuesday the 25th of January, the ARCA Consortium will hold an online presentation accompanied by one to one sessions for personalised consultancy: all participants will be able to meet with CRE@CTIVE project managers and get to know the community that links six different Labs in the Euro-Mediterranean area, offering creative people from various sectors support, access to cutting-edge technology, and mentoring services to help their business ideas grow.


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