CRE@CTIVE in Egypt: Meet Dr Sherwet El Gholmy, creator of Moda-ty virtual try-on!


Meet Dr Sherwet Hussien El Gholmy, the creator of the virtual platform "Moda-ty" and one of the 16 lucky subgrantees!


Dr Sherwet is a professor and the head of the textile engineering department at Alexandria University. Nominated as one of the most 100 influential female engineers in 2021, she has been working in the field of textile engineering education for over 20 years. She established the first fashion diploma with the new postgraduate degrees and a computer lab for teaching Computer-aided Design (CAD) systems for garment engineering in the textile engineering department. Now she is also the co-founder of the Moda-ty website.



How did her idea start? 


The fashion industry in Egypt faces challenges when it comes to e-commerce. The biggest issue is that the culture of buying clothes online is relatively new, and clients have difficulty knowing their sizes, resulting in a lot of returns due to incorrect sizes or improperly fitted apparel. 


"Moda-ty" solves this by developing a platform that allows customers to "virtually" try on items before purchasing them. The avatars will represent each user's dimensions and sizes, allowing them to see how the items will fit them precisely.


How will it work exactly?


The user will take a picture using the application to determine the best fitting size. An algorithm will also help the customer by recommending other products.



"Moda-ty" will innovate the traditional sector by increasing online shopping and diversifying the kind of clothes bought online. Instead of safe options like T-shirts, sweaters, and shoes, now they could buy more customised outfits like wedding dresses.


The platform will also cut down on losses suffered by businesses from returned products due to the extra labour required for inspecting and restocking returned goods and maintaining inventories.



The CRE@CTIVE project will support Dr Sherwet through the subgrant, which will help her optimise and market the platform, and the services of the "Creative labs". 


CRE@CTIVE's Net-L@B in Egypt will connect her with other businesses, clients, and qualified software developers to support the platform. Furthermore, the project's cross-border nature will help market her platform across the Mediterranean and foster collaboration with other SMEs and individuals to become an international trademark in the future.


Want to follow Moda-ty on their journey? Check out their link here!


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