Co-working with the Civil Society in Palermo in the context of the INNOMED-UP Open Workshop for civil society


On 15 June 2021 at the INNOMED-UP Project Partner CRESM Nuove Officine Zisa-NOZ space in Palermo a public event was organized to present the training activities. Representatives of companies, associations, cooperatives and artisans who participated in the interviews conducted by CRESM and who were included in the INNOMED-UP project reports were invited to participate. The meeting was open to all citizens, about 200 people participated.

In parallel to the event that took place inside the NOZ space, the Open Workshop for Civil society took place in the external area in front. The Workshop was organized by recovering vegetable waste. Almost 100 reeds were therefore used for the participatory construction of a temporary bioarchitecture construction. Two political refugees residing in a reception center of the Municipality of Palermo collaborated as conductors of the workshop.

From June to September 2021, training activities were held focused on the principles of the Circular Economy, on the opportunities given by innovation and on the new possibilities of waste recycling, on more specific issues related to Ecodesign, Bio-architecture and Digital Manufacturing. 40 hours of training were carried out in which 10 representatives or workers of small businesses took part, especially in the field of art and crafts. At the end of the training course a demonstration workshop was held open to citizens and focused on the possibilities of reuse of Posidonia Oceanica. During the workshop some artifacts were made demonstrating the possibilities of reuse of Posidonia.