Co-Evolve4BG shows a clear collaboration between Tunisia and Italy on the Blue Economy in the Mediterranean


The conference "Towards the General States of the Blue Economy in the Mediterranean: a roadmap between Italy and Tunisia" took place on September 21, 2021, and was carried out online.

The conference was attended by both the Tunisian and Italian ambassadors.
The National Institute of Marine Sciences and Technologies (INSTM) was one of the stakeholders of this initiative, and it was in charge of presenting its main research activities by its general manager Mr. Hechmi Missaoui.

Mr. Béchir Bejaoui, coordinator of the Co-Evolve4BG project, highlighted the importance of the collaboration between the two countries (Tunisia and Italy). In addition, Mr. B. Béjaoui pointed out that a strong interaction with several organizations/institutions of Italy is already established within the framework of the project. 
In this context, Mr. B. Béjaoui mentioned that the region of Lazio is a main partner in the consortium together with two other associated partners, Regione Emilia-Romagna and ISMAR-CNR (the Institute of Marine Sciences and the Italian  National Research Council).

This event was an opportunity to highlight the project: Co-Evolve4BG which aims to analyze and promote the co-evolution of human activities and natural systems in coastal tourist areas of the Mediterranean basin to implement a development plan for sustainable tourism and promote the blue economy in the Mediterranean.
The event was attended by the national coordinator of the Regione Lazio, Giuliano Tallone, who presented the activities of the Co-Evolve4BG project at the level of the pilot area developed in Circeo National Park.