Co-Evolve4BG identifies impacts and opportunities for the pilot in Tunisia towards a sustainable coastal tourism


In the frame of Co-Evolve4BG, an analysis related to the Threat and Enabling Factors (T&EF) will be developed at each of the pilot area scales of the project. This analysis aims to highlight the main issues or the needs of each pilot area to develop a sustainable coastal/maritime tourism. In this context, a specific approach was developed by Co-Evolve4BG team, to ensure an efficient analysis.

This approach is composed of 5 steps:

-    Conduct a brainstorming with the local actors,
-    Selecting the main Threats and Enabling Factors based on Pareto-Principle,
-    Developing report’s synopsis related to the selected Threats and Enabling Factors,
-    Sharing the results with the local actors,
-    Carrying out the pilot area analysis.

It is worth mentioning that the selection process of the Threats and Enabling Factors, which will be tackled during the analysis, is based on a statistical approach called Pareto-Principle. This Principle will be computed based on the feedback of the local actors.

In addition, developing the report’s synopsis will be based on the result of the studies developed at the national level already carried out in the previous phase of the project and also the point of view of the local actors.