Co-Evolve4BG: green tourism in Malta and ports archaeology in Tunisia, towards a more sustainable model


The event co-organized by WestMED and the Union for the Mediterranean on the 3rd November 2021 counted with the presence of Co-Evolve4BG with the need to emphasise on the importance of involving and engaging stakeholders in the project.

It was emphasized the importance of adopting good practices such as engaging tourism stakeholders in the strategic planning process. The importance of “innovation” in the tourism sector to ensure diversified sustainable tourism products was also highlighted. In this context, several initiatives and experiences were shared out:

  • Malta Tourism Authority representative has highlighted the efforts made by the Malta government to reconvert Mass tourism into Green tourism through long-term planning;
  • A representative from the Tunisian Ministry of Tourism has indicated how a sustainable of Archaeological ports can lead to expanding tourism, boating, and leisure sports connected with the sea. 

The event also focuses on the importance of a region & an intra-governances collaboration to develop sustainable tourism in the Mediterranean region.