Co-Evolve4BG and Med-EcoSuRe projects put synergies into action


On April 30th in the framework of collaboration agreement signed on October 2020, partners from Co-Evolve4BG and Med-EcoSuRe projects organized a working session to strength and coordinate collaboration actions. 

Representatives from both teams have discussed the first collaborations actions based on the projects achievements. These actions include:

  • Med-EcoSuRe will adopt the methodology developed by Co-Evolve4BG based on ‘participatory approach’ to reach local actors;
  • Co-Evolve4BG members will introduce Med-EcoSuRe approach to the Tturistic sector in Djerba in the context of promoting a sustainable coastal maritime tourism in the region. 

For more information on the projects, please visit: Co-Evolve4BG and Med-EcoSuRe