Co-evolution of coastal human activities & Med natural systems for sustainable tourism & Blue Growth in the Mediterranean.

About the project

The growth of tourism in the Mediterranean, especially in coastal areas, and the effects of climate change will continue to affect landscapes, soil and coasts stability/erosion, put pressure on species and water resources, and increase waste and pollution discharges into the sea. In this context, the Co-Evolve4BG project aims at analyzing and promoting the co-evolution of human activities and natural eco-systems in touristic coastal areas, towards sustainable development of tourist activities based on the principles of Integrated Coast Zone Management (ICZM) and Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP), promoting at the same time Blue Growth in the Mediterranean. The analysis and the demonstration actions foreseen by the project will enhance sustainable coastal and maritime tourism development fully exploiting the Blue Economy potential, promoting the creation of business and job opportunities in the field of ecosystem-oriented services, coastal and maritime tourism, coastal management and adaptation to climate change. Co-Evolve4BG is part of a wider project, “Med Coast for Blue Growth” labelled by the 43 Countries of the Union for the Mediterranean. 

Key information

Co-evolution of coastal human activities & Med natural systems for sustainable tourism & Blue Growth in the Mediterranean.
B.4 Environmental protection, climate change adaptation and mitigation
B.4.4 Integrated coastal zone management
Tunisia, Italy, Greece, Spain, Lebanon

Financial data

2.9 million
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2.6 million
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What will be improved?

Key threats and enabling factors for the sustainable development of coastal and maritime tourism will be analysed at Mediterranean scale and in 7 pilot areas with different features, across 5 different countries, selected to produce widely applicable and transferable results. The analysis will be complemented by a set of indicators allowing responsible authorities to assess the level of sustainability of tourism in their area and engage in plans/pilot actions which mainstream the ICZM principles into public action. Thanks to Co-Evolve4BG, conflicts among tourism and other uses of coastal and maritime spaces will be tackled and conditions for more sustainable and responsible tourism in coastal areas will be set.

Who will benefit?

  • Coastal municipalities and regional authorities 
  • Ministries of environment, tourism and development
  • SMEs and tourism-related companies
  • Research institutions and universities 

Expected achievements

  • 1 integrated analysis of threats and enabling factors for sustainable tourism at Mediterranean level 
  • 1 toolkit containing indicators to analyse the level of sustainability of tourism 
  • 2 rounds of training addressed to partners and local actors involved in pilot actions
  • 7 pilot actions for developing sustainable tourism in the pilot areas

Project news

24 April 2020
Recruitment of an auditor for Co-Evolve4BG

As a partner of the Co-Evolve4BG project, the Lazio Region - Tourism Regional Agency, located in Italy, is recruiting an Auditor to realize the service of First Level Control.


Project news

28 February 2020
Creating more synergies!

Co-Evolved4BG attended the Steering Committee meeting of the COMMON project that took place in Sousse, Tunisia on February 18, with the aim of developing a synergy between both of them. 


Project news

20 February 2020
Co-Evolve4BG: job vacancy in Tunisia for an administrative assistant

The 'Institut National des Sciences et Technologies de la Mer' is looking for an assistant to support the administrative and financial management of the Co-Evolve4BG project.


Project news

30 January 2020
Tourism can be key part of new EU Green Deal: UN World Tourism Organization

The Green Deal pledges to make Europe the first carbon-neutral continent by 2050.


Project news

04 December 2019
The Co-Evolve4BG project is on the move!

The Co-Evolve4BG project will promote the sustainable development of tourism activities in coastal areas.


Project news

25 November 2019
Co-Evolve4BG builds synergies with MITOMED+

Co-Evolve4BG participated in the final seminar of the MITOMED+ project with the aim of reinforcing collaboration and synergies between the two initiatives.

04 December 2019

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