CLUSTER´s meeting in Tunisia helped plan next steps for better employment in sustainable sectors in the Mediterranean


The 4th and last Steering Committee of CLUSTER project was held on 11 July 2023, in a hybrid format in Hammamet, Tunisia. This meeting was organized and hosted by the General Commissariat for Regional Development (CGDR), Tunisian partner of CLUSTER.

During the meeting, the project's achievements and obstacles were thoroughly reviewed and discussed, fostering insightful conversations among the consortium. A productive brainstorming session followed, aimed at applying the lessons learned from the project to future cross-border cooperation endeavors.

The meeting also featured a presentation of the upcoming CLUSTER Action Plans methodology, shedding light on its potential impact for similar initiatives in the future.

In the afternoon, participants came to an agreement on the objectives, format, and agenda of the final event to be held in Barcelona, further reinforcing the project's commitment to meaningful cross-border collaborations.

The Steering Committee Meeting marked an essential step forward in promoting cross-border cooperation in the region and identifying valuable insights for future projects. Participants left the event energized and inspired to continue their contributions towards sustainable development and growth.

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting initiative as it progresses towards its final event in Barcelona!