CLUSTER4GREEN Workshop in Tunisia: Capitalizing on Circular Business Model Tool BMC


In the framework of CLUSTER4GREEN  supported by ENI CBC MED and funded by EU , the Confederation of Citizen Enterprises of Tunisia (CONECT) on December 7th orchestrated a pivotal workshop at its headquarters . The workshop was specifically designed to illuminate and exchange experiences using the Circular Business Model (BMC).

The primary goal of this workshop was to facilitate knowledge-sharing among stakeholders involved in the CLUSTER4GREEN project, focusing on the application and outcomes of the Circular Business Model tool (BMC) in fostering sustainable business practices.

Gathering an impressive turnout, more than 60 participants converged at the CONECT headquarters. These attendees comprised representatives from beneficiary companies, project stakeholders, and experts in sustainability and circular economy practices.

The event featured compelling testimonials from diverse enterprises:

  • EDEN LIFE, a private company specializing in the production and valorization of the microalgae Spirulina, shared its unique experience.
  • MFI, a company actively engaged in the production of CALCIUM PHOSPHATE, provided valuable insights into its journey.
  • LIGNE 13 DENIM, a distinctive brand creating upcycled bags and accessories for daily use from denim waste and fabric scraps, showcased its commitment to sustainability.
  • BUY BINETNA, a private company dedicated to the recycling of worn clothes and textiles, presented its role in promoting environmental responsibility.
  • ESCA’ROME, a social enterprise specializing in the production of snails, shared its innovative approach to sustainable business practices.