CLUSTER joins the MedCat Days 2023, an event connecting Catalan actors working in the Mediterranean


On 13 June 2023, CLUSTER participated in the MedCat Days 2023 initiative, a hybrid  event co-organised by the Ministry for Foreign Action and European Union of the Government of Catalonia and the European Institute of the Mediterranean (IEMed), with the collaboration of the Alliance for Mediterranean Cooperation (MedCoopAlliance).

This initiative was held at the Pedralbes Royal Palace in Barcelona under the slogan "Transforming the Mediterranean". It provides a space for reflexion, debate, workshops of actors, Euro-Mediterranean initiatives and projects, as well as institutional meetings, with the aim of:

  • Analysing the main ongoing dynamics in the Euro-Mediterranean region and the major challenges we face.
  • Contributing, from Catalonia, to the deployment of a genuine transformative Mediterranean agenda, taking into account the ability of multi-level governance to influence Euro-Mediterranean collaboration.
  • Promoting an integrated, macro-regional and multi-level vision within the framework of European policies in the Mediterranean.
  • Fostering alliances between agents from Catalonia and the Mediterranean Basin to deepen collaborative governance and the new opportunities that open up for projects focused on governance.

To this end, the CLUSTER Project Manager at the Business Development Center (BDC) in Jordan, Ms. Reem Al Adwan, participated as a speaker in the "Governance and Euro-Mediterranean Territorial Cooperation" forum, to showcase the tangible impact that CLUSTER has achieved on the ground by engaging and collaborating with training institutions, the private sector, policymakers, and civil society organizations. This forum focused on the specific objective of Governance as a priority of the Euro-Mediterranean Territorial Cooperation programmes. The debates analysed the collaborative and transformative governance dimension of the Euro-Mediterranean programmes, the new perspectives and opportunities that it brings us, the impact and the new alliances and synergies it favours. 


As a capitalisation project, CLUSTER goes beyond drawing on the experiences of past and ongoing projects. It actively collaborates with other projects and stakeholders to transfer knowledge, equip them with the necessary tools and methodology, and ensure the sustainability of CLUSTER's best practices. This approach aims to enhance CLUSTER's impact in the future through synergistic partnerships.




If you have missed this event, you can watch a summary of it through this link.

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