CLUSTER in Italy takes trainees to on-site agricultural companies to discover job opportunities

ARCES Association

The courses include  4 phases: a training course, open to all, consisting of 5 modules of online lessons; an on-site training course, aimed at the 20 best participants of the online sessions, which includes visits to companies and activities of the sectors addressed during the training; a mentoring program on Corporate Social Responsibility  and a 1-month internship. 

ARCES Association, the italian partner of CLUSTER, organised on 24th July 2023 in the municipalities of Bagheria and Misilmeri located in south of Palermo is Sicily, Italy, an information session on CLUSTER in order to raise awareness on the topics of sustainable economy, focused on young Sicilians and women.

During the second phase of the program, participants enrolled in the training courses had the opportunity to visit the farm “Giovanni Gentile”, Cooperativa Terramia, located in the province of Trapani. During that visit, the trainees had the opportunity to have an enriching journey into traditional agriculture, guided by Giovanni Gentile and the Terramia team. They gained hands-on experience in the cultivation of Castelvetrano olives, renowned for producing high-quality table products enjoyed worldwide.

This visit transcended a mere agricultural lesson; it was an interactive and enjoyable experience. Following a tour of the olive grove, participants had the unique opportunity to taste the fruits of the very olives they observed on the trees, ready for harvest. Furthermore, it served as a platform for discovering new employment opportunities in Sicily, understanding the significance of agriculture for the region's economy, and establishing connections with passionate individuals driving this industry forward.

Feedback from the program's participants overwhelmingly praised the on-site training, with trainers receiving accolades for their exceptional guidance, particularly during visits to environmentally conscious companies. This initiative stands as a testament to ARCES' commitment to empowering individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in a sustainable future.