CLUSTER engaged 1,458 young people and women from 7 Mediterranean countries to know about their professional needs


During the first phase of project implementation, 1,458 young NEETs ("Not in Education, Employment, or Training") and women were interviewed by CLUSTER about their professional needs. Based on the Methodology Report prepared by project partner ARCES Association from Italy, the information was then summarized in 7 Profiling Reports by the project consortium. These reports are now available!

The data for those reports was collected through questionnaires which address the employment needs and problems of today's youth and especially of young women. The different reports summarize the results of this profiling and needs assessment of young NEETs and women in the 7 project targeted regions of the Mediterranean: Spain, Italy, Cyprus, France, Jordan, Palestine, Tunisia.

Thanks to those reports, training courses tailored for young people, in particular women, in a precarious situation can be now designed.
The goal is for them to acquire the employability skills necessary to work in sectors with high employment potential related to blue, green and circular economy, as well as sustainable agriculture.

Below you will find the NEETs profiling reports of the 7 project targeted countries:

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