Circular Economy and the 4th Industrial Revolution: INNOMED-UP promotes Circular Economy in local scale in Athens


In the framework of the compilation of Circularity Workshops, INNOMED-UP Project Partner Environmental Planning, Engineering & Management (EPEM) team in collaboration with INNOMED-UP Beneficiary National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) coordinated an online workshop for the role of Cultural Creative Industries in the revitalization of Med Urban Centers and promotion of Circular Economy in local scale in Athens.

In this workshop, the CEO of D-Waste, presented Circular Economy and Industry 4.0, and in the light of the foregoing, the most important challenges for Greece. In particular, in this workshop were analyzed the latest tools and systems in solid waste management and recycling (sensors, smart locks, material scanners, GPS trackers, RFID/mobile readers, smart trucks, smart containers, reverse vending machines, robotic sorting plants etc), how the 4th Industrial Revolution is diversifying raw materials and the very concept of waste, new emerging business models and the future of the circular economy. The main conclusion of the whole presentation was that the Circular Economy is organically linked to the ongoing 4th Industrial Revolution, which is already transforming the planet.

In the scope of Training Activities for SMEs in each participating city, EPEM in collaboration with NTUA Research Team organized an online workshop about Sustainability, Circularity for Innovation & Entrepreneurship.

The objectives of this seminar were firstly, to gain an understanding of the concepts of Sustainability, Circularity and Zero Waste and secondly, to dive deeper into three sections:

  1. Circular Strategies,
  2. Sustainable Processes and
  3. Case studies.

The director of International Data Spaces Association (IDSA), with comprehensive global experience in areas of digital design, innovation management, and holistic closed looped systems thinking for end-toned product development, initiated the audience into the principles of green design philosophy, eco design, and different eco-conscious manufacturing and prototyping processes.