Celebrating Innovation and Creativity: Recap of the CRE@CTIVE Final Conference in Amman!


The Mediterranean region was aglow with creative energy as the CRE@CTIVE Final Conference unfolded, a two-day event that celebrated innovation and explored the immense potential of cultural and creative industries. Hosted at the Mövenpick Hotel in Amman, Jordan, from September 19th to 20th, 2023, this conference brought together industry experts, policymakers, and stakeholders who shared a passion for creativity, innovation, and sustainability.


Day 1: A Showcase of Creativity and Innovation

The conference's first day, on September 19th, was a celebration of creativity and the achievements of the CRE@CTIVE project. Attendees witnessed the unveiling of the project's results and accomplishments, marking a significant milestone in the journey to infuse creativity into traditional sectors. A captivating fashion event took centre stage, fusing traditional craftsmanship with innovation.


Esteemed speakers, including Mr Thibaut Moyer, Deputy Head of Cooperation at the Delegation of the European Union to Jordan, Mr Esmat AlKaradsheh, Coordinator, Eastern Mediterranean Office, ENI CBC Med Programme, and Mr Abdullah Y. Ababneh, representing the Higher Council for Science and Technology, shared their insights and experiences, highlighting the international significance of the event and the commitment to advancing creative sectors.



Day 2: Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration

The second day, September 20th, was dedicated to knowledge exchange and collaboration. An exchange cooperation seminar highlighted good practices and technologies for infusing creativity into traditional sectors. 


Leading industry experts and project partners, including Mr Rafael Lacasa from FI Group, Ms Lídia Morcillo from MODACC, and Mr Mohamed Hussein from LEADERS, presided over sessions that were both enlightening and inspiring. Representatives from the six creative labs had the opportunity to showcase the work and innovative models they have implemented across the five partner countries, bridging the creative industry with traditional sectors.


As attendees immersed themselves in discussions, they had the opportunity to network, share ideas, and form partnerships that could drive the creative industries forward. This collaborative spirit was at the heart of the CRE@CTIVE project, reflecting its commitment to nurturing innovation and creativity.


The Creative Showcase: A Glimpse of the Future

Throughout the conference, attendees embarked on a journey of exploration, visiting an exhibition that shone a spotlight on innovative projects and showcased the talents of the 16 subgrantees. This showcase brought to life cutting-edge products and prototypes in textile, footwear, and leather, paying homage to the rich cultural heritage of the region and highlighting its vast potential for growth and collaboration.


In conclusion, the CRE@CTIVE Final Conference served as a pivotal platform for sharing experiences, forging collaborations, and uncovering the immense potential of the Mediterranean's creative landscape. In a setting where tradition met innovation, and creativity emerged as a powerful catalyst for socio-economic development, the conference marked not just the culmination of the CRE@CTIVE project but also provided a model and a first step on the transformative journey for the creative industries in the Mediterranean.