CARISMED launches its Second Newsletter


We are pleased to introduce to you the Second Newsletter presenting #Carismed project activities during the second quarter of the project implementation (June- November, 2022).During the second quarter of the project, the project held both of its first conference and the second Steering Committee in Palermo/Italy  at the end of November, 2022.
On the other hand, partners worked on preparing the Urban Policy for Med-Cities and the creation of a diagnostic map of degraded and underutilized buildings and areas in MED Cities, as well as the preparation of the essential baseline policy report.The partners concentrated on SMEs clustering roadmaps and capacity building, development of a Strategic framework among CCI SMEs clusters at cross-border level (EUMC/MPC) through organizing the world Cafe sessions
Meanwhile, Work-package (5) launched activities to deliver consolidation workshops between key stakeholders and CCI SMEs cluster members, to produce MoUs enabling and engaging all interested parties and to Implement the LCARS Strategy in buildings/areas per participating city

This second newsletter will introduce you to the work-packages activities and outcomes providing a brief summary of each partner achievements.


Enjoy reading !!