CARISMED in Jordan launches a call to recruit an auditor


Future Pioneers is looking for an Auditor to audit the project expenses according to the EU regulation
and forms (expenditure verification templates). The following are expected results but not limited to

  • Follow the expenditure verification procedure set by EU.
  • Report Control check-list template provided by EU. 
  • Report individual report template provided by EU.
  • Report consolidated report template provided by EU.
  • Report list of findings template provided by EU.
  • Report suspected fraud template provided by EU.
  • Report of contracts template provided by EU.
  • Report any findings and suggestion needed during the audit work.


  • To verify that the expenditure declared by the Lead Beneficiary relates to the eligible period or previous ones and it has been paid
  • To verify the compliance with applicable rules (including eligibility rules), also including procurement and visibility requirements
  • To verify the compliance of the expenditures with the approved project and the signed Grant Contract (GC)
  •  To verify the adequacy of supporting documents
  • To check the registration of the expenditure in the accounting records of the beneficiary and that the expenditure is determined according to the accounting standards and the usual cost accounting practices applicable to the Lead Beneficiary
  • To check the record-keeping and archiving rules for the documentary evidence related to the implementation of the project
  • To notify irregularities and s suspicions of fraud or corruption, as the case may be Standards and Ethics

The Auditor shall undertake this engagement in accordance with:

  • The International Standard on Related Services (‘ISRS’) 4400 Engagements to perform Agreed-upon Procedures regarding Financial Information as promulgated by the IFAC;
  • The IFAC Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants, developed and issued by IFAC’s International Ethics Standards Board for Accountants (IESBA), which establishes fundamental ethical principles for Auditors with regard to integrity, objectivity, independence, professional competence and due care, confidentiality, professional behaviour and technical standards. Although ISRS 4400 provides that independence is not a requirement for agreed-upon procedures engagements, the ENI CBC Implementing Rules requires that the Auditor is independent from the Beneficiary(ies) and complies with the independence requirements of the IFAC Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants.

The project duration is for two years from Nov 23, 2021 to Nov 22, 2023. The Auditor should perform
and submit one interim audit report by end of year 1 of the project and one final report by end of the
project duration. The interim report should be submitted within two months after the end of the reporting
period and the final audit report should be submitted within three months from the project end date on
Nov 22, 2023.

The report on this expenditure and revenue verification shall describe the purpose, the agreed-upon
procedures and the factual findings of the engagement in sufficient detail to enable the Beneficiary and
the Managing Authority to understand the nature and extent of the procedures performed by the Auditor
and the factual findings reported by the Auditor

1. Technical and Financial Offers
Interested Auditors are requested to provide technical and financial offers including all eligible taxes
for the above assignment by April 26th, 2022 at 23:59 by the latest to be sent to the following email
2. Evaluation
Competence and relevant qualifications of the Consultant  30 scores
Financial Offer 70 scores

For more information Check the PDF below: 

TOR for selecting Auditors-CARISMED.pdf