Building a Sustainable Future: Exploring CRE@CTIVE's Influence on Textile Innovation at the Science Festival in Tunisia


The eighth edition of the Science Festival held at the Monastir Science Centre on the 29th and 30th of April 2023, brought together various organizations and individuals eager to showcase their innovative ideas and projects. Among the participants were the subgrantees of CRE-CTIVE, an initiative focused on fostering innovation, creativity, and communication.

MFCPOLE, a partner of the CRE@CTIVE project and an active contributor to the entrepreneurial ecosystem, seized the opportunity to highlight its latest endeavour—the creation of the fablab "Techno-L@B." This fablab is an integral part of the activities undertaken by the CRE@CTIVE project.
The primary objective of the fablab is to provide a platform for prototyping and innovation in the textile and clothing sector, consolidating the services of the entrepreneurial support platform known as "La Fabrique Entrepreneuriale" in the Neotex technopole of Monastir.

During the Science Festival, two Tunisian start-ups, VEST-GO and NATDYES, had the chance to showcase their prototypes that were developed within the framework of the CRE@CTIVE project. Both start-ups were beneficiaries of the grant awarded by the collaborative project after responding to the project's call launched by the Neotex technology park of Monastir, in collaboration with the Tunisian Association of Textile Researchers (ATCTEX). The equipment and resources provided to them played a vital role in the successful development of their prototypes.

VEST-GO, one of the subgrantees, introduced an innovative clothing concept that combines fashion with technology. Their prototype incorporated smart textiles and wearable technology to create interactive and adaptive garments that enhance the user's experience. By leveraging the facilities offered by the CRE@CTIVE project, VEST-GO was able to transform its ideas into a tangible product that captivated the festival attendees.

NATDYES, another beneficiary of the CRE-CTIVE collaborative project, focused on sustainable practices in the textile industry. They developed a prototype for a natural dyeing process that reduces the environmental impact typically associated with traditional dyeing methods. NATDYES' demonstration showcased their commitment to ecological responsibility and their dedication to promoting a greener approach within the textile sector.

The presence of MFCPOLE and the subgrantees of CRE@CTIVE at the Science Festival signifies the collective effort towards building a vibrant ecosystem that nurtures creativity and innovation. These initiatives contribute to the broader goal of advancing the textile and clothing industry, propelling it into a sustainable and prosperous future.