ARTOLIO partners step outside of meetings to do field research in olive oil producing regions of Greece


From September the 12th to September the 16th, the ARTOLIO project held one of its most important events to date: ARTOLIO Thessaloniki. Its main purpose was to gauge at the project’s achievements so far and for the partners and farmers to meet in person for the first time. They also discussed their needs and goals for the future, hinting at a better prospect for the farmers in the future. However, other than extenuating meetings, the partners of the project participated in other activities to favor teamwork and cooperation.

During their stay, they visited two farmers and one miller. One of the farmers lived in Halkidiki and the other, as well as the miller, in Kavala. The tours in the vineyards full of olives a few days before the start of the harvest were illustrating, especially to analyze the state-of-the-art production that is characteristic of the place. The season looked promising. The farmers handed out pomegranates to the farmers, which is a symbol of blessings for a successful harvest and a fruitful year.

They also visited a large olive factory in the Halkidiki region that started the harvest on the exact same day, with the blessing of the pomegranates. The vast expanses of olive trees full of green fruit greatly moved the participants from the Middle East, who are used to small quantities. 

During the meetings, they heard reports and updates on the various partners, exchanged information and data on the condition of the farmers before the harvest and sales, and heard diverse lectures on the olive oil market that included reviews of different markets such as the US and Scandinavia, exposure to different sales strategies such as working with chefs and tourists, and exposure to different marketing messages that resonate with consumers such as the health properties of olive oil for diseases such as Alzheimer's. Most lectures were given by ARTOLIO farmers and partners representatives. ARTOLIO looks forward to its completion, hopefully with the blessings of the pomegranates as well.