The Arab Academy for Science Technology and Maritime Transport introduces Dr. Sandra Haddad, leader of one of the TECHLOG teams in Egypt!


Meet the faces behind TECHLOG

Today, we would like to introduce you to Dr. Sandra Haddad, Assistant Professor in Marketing and Supply Chain Management at the College of International Transport and Logistics and project coordinator of TECHLOG partner, the Arab Academy of Science Technology and Maritime Transport.

She currently serves as vice dean of postgraduate studies and scientific research. She teaches marketing fundamentals, international marketing, supply chain management, and strategic management in the Bachelors and Masters of Science programs. In 2013, she was given the Fellowship of the British Higher Education Academy (AFHEA), and she is a Higher Fiata diploma and International Road Union (IRU) instructor. She has published research articles in the proceedings of several scientific conferences and serves as a reviewer for specialist journals. Dr. Haddad also works as a professional consultant for a number of enterprises and manages a number of EU and US Aid sponsored projects.

Dr. Sandra has works tirelessly to encourage the growth of logistics in Egypt, notably in the Alexandria region, as well as the professionalization of logistics activities through training activities. 

Stay tuned to meet more of the TECHLOG team!


The TECHLOG project takes great pride in its team of knowledgeable, cross-disciplinary professionals from five different Mediterranean countries, all of whom are striving to develop linkages between academics and the (trans)port business, namely transport inside port areas, in the region. Stay tuned as we reveal the different options and fantastic initiatives that TECHLOG has in store to assist in the achievement of uniform quality standards for transport and port specialist workers in the Mediterranean