MedartSal Presentation Day in Spain, Bay of Cádiz, 18 June 2021

On the International Gastronomy Day, the International Union for Conservation of Nature in the Mediterranean (IUCN-Med) and the University of Cádiz presented an unprecedented project dedicated to artisanal Salinas, MedArtSal. Four Spanish artisanal Salinas (three in Cádiz, one in Murcia) will benefit from the MedArtSal activities, which were announced during a technical session held in Cádiz on June 18th. MedArtSal - Sustainable Management of Artisanal Salt Mines of the Mediterranean - is funded by the European Union through the ENI CBC Med programme. The total project budget is € 3.2 million and the EU contribution is € 2.9 million (90%).