TRANSDAIRY ICT Brokerage & Matchmaking Event in Tunisia connects Start-ups with Dairy Value Chain Leaders


The Brokerage Event, organized by the Agency of Promotion of Industry and Innovation (APII), took place during the PAMED 2023, the Mediterranean exhibition of animal production and agricultural products in Tunisia, from May 2nd to 5th, 2023.

Over the course of four days, numerous activities, panels, and B2B meetings were held.

Notably, the Minister of Agriculture visited the dedicated exhibition space for the TRANSDAIRY ICT Brokerage & Matchmaking event, displaying keen interest in the innovative solutions presented by the start-ups. The minister acknowledged the significant role played by the TRANSDAIRY project and APII in training and mentoring these aspiring entrepreneurs.

In addition, the former Minister of Industry also visited the exhibition area, engaging directly with the start-ups and encouraging their ongoing efforts to advance Tunisia's agriculture and industry sectors.

Furthermore, the event garnered media attention through its coverage on the agriculture-focused TV program "Essania." This coverage highlighted APII's involvement in PAMED, specifically through their ICT brokerage and matchmaking event organization. Mr. Gomri, the coordinator of TRANSDAIRY, had the opportunity to present the project, emphasizing APII's role in training, coaching, and supporting innovative ICT projects dedicated to the dairy value chain. The program underscored how this support empowers start-ups to develop prototypes, patent their solutions, and establish their own spin-off ventures.

  1. TRANSDAIRY Start-up Village:

The event brought together 14 start-ups showcasing innovative solutions for the dairy value chain.

  1. Matchmaking:

Start-ups had the opportunity to network and engage in one-on-one meetings with key stakeholders in the dairy value chain and the entrepreneurship ecosystem, fostering potential future collaborations.


  1. Info sessions & synergies:

The event aimed to gather both national and international programs focused on agriculture and ICT in Tunisia, fostering synergies with initiatives such as

  • CAP BON INNOV - INNOV & Expertise France,
  1. Visit to ERROUKI Farm:

On the final day, a visit to the ERROUKI farm in Menzel Temim, Tunisia, was organized, allowing TRANSDAIRY candidates to demonstrate their solutions in real-life agricultural conditions.